Pursuant to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and EU Regulation 2016/679

We would like to provide you with some mandatory information regarding the way in which we will use your personal data in accordance with the requirement of the Privacy Code and EU Regulation 2016/679.

  1. Purposes of data processing
  2. a) The following items of personal data are collected and processed by Marchesi spa. in Italy in order to manage contractual relationships with customers and in order to fulfil legal obligations: first name, surname, address, ID documentation.

Upon receiving consent from the interested party, the aforementioned items of personal data and other data as described above are collected and processed by Marchesi:

  1. b) to perform statistical and profiling analyses, which may be conducted via services offered by third parties. This data processing is carried out in accordance with the assurances and measures set out by the Italian data protection authority.
  2. c) to provide personalised sales services (for example, including but not limited to: personal shopping services, complimentary support services, courtesy services), to send communications about our creations, exclusive sales and events and similar initiatives organised by Marchesi, including any invitations to these events (which may be via post, email, text message, social networking sites and instant messages services) and to send questionnaires to assess the level of satisfaction from the services we offer.

With regard to the purposes set out in points b) and c) above, Marchesi may collect and process data other than that required for managing contractual relationships and fulfilling legal obligations, as described below by way of example only:

  • data collected during visits to the company encompassing use of the Wi-Fi system, either during participation in events or during online purchases: date of birth, age range, dates of familiar events, profession, hobbies, recording of individual purchases, use of specific social networking sites or social network IDs, telephone number, email address, photograph, nationality, gender, method and date of registration in the CRM managed by Marchesi, preferred product category, details of products purchased, size, price, discount, attributed statistical spending level, abandoned shopping cart, method of using services.
  1. Provision of data

Provision of personal data in relation to the purposes set out in section 1, letter a) is obligatory. If provision of the data is refused, Marchesi will not be able to undertake the contractual services requested.

For the purposes set out in section 1, letters b) and c), provision of data is optional and consent must be obtained in order to use these data. Should provision of data be refused, Marchesi shall not be able to fulfil the purposes specified herein.

  1. Conditions applicable to consent for minors

Personal data can legally be processed provided that it relates to persons aged at least 16 years. For minors less than 16 years old, data may only be processed if and to the extent that consent is given or authorised by a person with parental responsibility for the minor.

  1. Data processing methods

Personal data will be processed using IT systems and/or manual processing methods for the time period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the data are collected.

Specifically, personal data collected for the purposes set out in section 1, letters b) and c) will also be processed by automated means according to reasoning and procedures closely linked to the data processing purposes specified above.

  1. Data entry in the CRM system

Entering personal data into the CRM system is optional and is done only where consent to undertake one of the purposes set out in section 1, letters b) and c) is given.

Entering personal data processed for the purposes set out in section 1, letters b) and c) into the CRM system will automatically allow Marchesi staff appointed as data processors to view and edit/update these data.

  1. Scope of communication, overseas transfer and distribution of data

Personal data is processed by specially appointed staff or data controllers as required by Marchesi or in order to fulfil the purposed described above.

In addition, personal data may be processed by:

– companies that ship/deliver printed products and/or other products;

– companies that post newsletters, publicity material or promotional communications;

– companies that provide customer care services;

– companies that perform market analysis and research activities

– companies that maintain IT systems.

The data collected may also be processed by independent third parties tasked with processing, such as, for example:

– individuals, companies, associations or professional offices that provide support and consultation services (lawyers, accountants, editors);

– companies that manage payments through credit card and tax-free systems

Personal data will not be distributed under any circumstances.

  1. Data storage periods

Data collected for the purposes set out in section 1, letter a) will be stored by Marchesi spa for as long as required to fulfil the contract as well as the legal or conventional obligations or in accordance with the terms of storage specified by law.

Data collected for the purposes set out in section 1, letters b) and c) will be stored until the customer withdraws consent for their personal data to be processed and, in all cases, with regards to data collected for the purposes set out in section 1, letter b), for no more than 10 years.

When consent is withdrawn or upon expiry of the terms of storage for data collected for the purposes set out in section 1, letter b), whichever is earliest, the data will be automatically deleted or made permanently anonymous.

  1. Rights of the interested party

At any time, you may request information about the existence and nature of personal data processing, rectification and deletion of personal data or limitations to processing. You can also oppose the processing of your data and/or request that it be passed to another processor. Marchesi spa is obligated to reply to requests within the time periods specified by applicable standards. It is also obligated to correct erroneous data, complete missing data and update data that is no longer accurate. Lastly, it is obligated, where requested, to delete data and limit and/or suspend processing or guarantee transfer to another processor as far as technically possible. To exercise your rights, as listed above and provided for by law, or to obtain further information regarding your rights and/or report any errors or problems, please send an email to For non-urgent requests, you may also write to MARCHESI GRAFICHE EDITORIALI SPA VIA FLAMINIA 995 00189 Rome

If the reply you receive is not satisfactory, you may contact the Italian privacy authority.

All electronic communications sent will contain a relevant section specifying the methods for opposing data processing and an option to stop receiving promotional materials and information.

  1. Data processors and data controllers

The data processor is: MARCHESI GRAFICHE EDITORIALI SPA VIA FLAMINIA 995 00189 Rome –

Privacy notice. You may contact data processors or obtain the full list of data controllers from those appointed by sending an email to